Get your half price deal on solo milk shakes

Order food online from one of the finest takeaways in town. Here at Buns Burgers in Nottingham, and are proud to serve the surrounding area. Here at Buns Burgers, we serve a variety of food such as, Hand made fresh patties, wings, strips, beef and chicken burgers, Fries, shakes etc. 

Covid-19 Notice - We are now open for business. Come and join us!


We use 100% fresh quality beef and baked brioche buns

All buns are handcraft & made fresh to order. Go for a pink or black brioche bun for extra £2

Skin on ruff and ready or Extra crunchy crinkle ones.

Your choice of the above with smooth American cheese sauce with 99p extra. Or try our sweet potato fries.

Add a little extra taste to your orders with our selection of sauces.

Cool and refreshing to hot and spicy, we have a range of sauces that will compliment any of out main orders.

Made with real whipped italian ice cream and quality premium toppings

Now that summer is here, it's a great time to enjoy our cool and refreshing Milkshake drinks we have available.

What our customers say

We love our customers, and they love us
  • Finally I can get out for a burger again!

    I love Buns Burgers! I have missed the Triple Stacker since the lockdown. Finally I can get out again and enjoy some wholesome food. Yummy!

    Jessica Willson

  • Best of The Best

    I do enjoy taking out the family to Buns on a weekend. Great atmosphere and friendly staff. Can not wait to sink my teeth into a Triple Stacker.

    Adam Knows

BUNS Restaurants

Bringing Extravagant FRESH Burgers to the UK market. Buns our open for business. 

Our restaurants are open and available for social distancing or you can now order online, all your favourite dishes and many more delicious options, and have them delivered straight to your door in no time at all.
Big Smoky Chicken
Buns Classic Cheese
Buns Triple Stacker
'Crispy' Clucker Bun
Perfectly Smoked
Philly Cheese Steak
Tenders 'n' bites
Vegetable Deluxe Burger
Yo! Spicy Beef
Crispy Beef


Due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation your order may get delayed. Please contact us for further information


Now that summer is here, it's a great time to enjoy our cool and refreshing Milkshake drinks. See our menu or place an order.
CALL US / 01158 410 086
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